STFC Small Awards Applications – 12th March 2024

Dear Colleagues

A reminder that if you are planning on submitting an application to the STFC Astronomy Small Awards opportunity we advise that you begin the submission process early this year in order to account for additional time it may take on the new UKRI Funding Service.

The PDF guidance for applicants can be found here: Astronomy awards guidance for applicants – UKRI

The UKRI Funding finder information is as follows:

Solar and planetary 2024 –

Astronomy observation and theory 2024 –

Applicants are advised that there is no functionality to return for amendment on the new service and therefore applications that do not follow the guidance will be rejected on receipt.

Please pay particular attention to the Ethics and responsible research question box. You need to provide an answer to:

What are the ethical or RRI implications and issues relating to the proposed work (addressing the three bullets)?

As well as the three additional trusted research questions. Applications which fail to answer all 4 run the risk of being rejected.

Kind regards

The Astronomy Awards Team