New Solar Orbiter nuggets

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to introduce the Solar Orbiter science nuggets, showcasing research using Solar Orbiter data:

The first three nuggets are online now, and new ones will be added on a regular basis, based on input from the entire solar physics community. If you are working on Solar Orbiter data and would like your results to be featured as a future Solar Orbiter science nugget, please contact Yannis Zouganelis ( and Miho Janvier (

Read the first nuggets:
“New insights about EUV brightenings in the quiet Sun corona from the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager” (C. Nelson and the EUI team) (url:

“Radial dependence of the peak intensity of solar energetic electron events in the inner heliosphere” (L. Rodriguez, A. Kollhoff and the EPD team) (url:

“Langmuir waves associated with magnetic holes in the solar wind” (J.J. Boldú and the RPW team) (url:

Best regards,
The ESA Solar Orbiter team