RHESSI Nuggets in December 2023

No. 463, “Pre-impulsive and Impulsive Phases of the March 28, 2022 Sub-Terahertz Flare,” by Galina MOTORINA. A flare with an increasing sub-THz spectrum and sub-THZ precursor information.

No. 464, “Solar flares: evaporation and simulation‎,” by Malcolm DRUETT. Fitting beam electrons into multi-dimensional models.

No. 465, “When it rippled in one place and exploded in another,” by Ivan ZIMOVETS. Pulsations precede a flare, but seem unrelated.

We welcome almost any contribution to the RHESSI Nuggets. The topic may wander some distance away from specifically RHESSI results if it is generally interesting. See https://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~tohban/wiki/index.php/RHESSI_Science_Nuggets for these and others. Comments about specific flares can often be found by searching for their SOLyyyy-mm-dd identifier from this home page.