Contribute and Shape Our UKSP Nuggets

As the name suggests, a nugget, like a lump of gold, is a small piece of valuable material. Traditionally, UKSP nuggets primarily acted to summarise published research papers—which is certainly useful— however, going forward we would like to revise what a nugget can be.

Whilst summarising recently authored papers is the most common subject matter, these brief articles can also be used to share more general information on topics relevant to solar physics in the UK. For example, one could treat their nugget as a short review of recent discoveries, publicising new missions or datasets, advancements in analytical and computational techniques, solicitations for collaborations on topics, or perhaps just an interesting solar event that you think should garner more attention from the community.

To summarise: Nuggets should be a way to spark discussion and share ideas within the community, therefore we would like to broaden the scope of what a UKSP nugget can be.

We warmly invite community members of all levels of seniority to publish and share information on any relevant topic, no matter the scale. Please feel free to get in touch with Matthew Lennard ( or Ryan Milligan (