Europlanet Lunchtime session at NAM: Exoplanetary Magnetism (Thursday 4th July 2019)

April 12, 2019, from Richard Morton

As part of the Europlanet NA1 scheme, Aberystwyth University will be hosting a lunchtime session on “Exoplanetary Magnetism” on Thursday 4th July as part of the National Astronomy Meeting at Lancaster.

The aim of this panel and networking session is to bring together expertise in solar magnetospheres and the exoplanet community to explore potential future collaborations. With the advent of new instrumentation (both space based and ground based) the routine detection of exoplanets using radio waves emitted when a stellar wind interacts with an intrinsic planetary magnetic field is becoming an increasing possibility.

To assist those whom plan to attend this session we are able to offer bursaries of a flat rate of 100 euros. If you wish to apply for a bursary please fill out the application form and email to Dr Maire N. Gorman ( by Sunday 5th May. Outcomes will be communicated by Monday 13th May. Priority will be given to early career researchers and those from under-represented research communities and stakeholders, including new EU Member States. The bursary will be reimbursed by Aberystwyth University to recipients after the event whom will be required to fill out a short feedback form.