Datasets newly available via the Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO)

July 14, 2020, from Jack Ireland

The Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO) team is pleased to announce that the following data are now available via VSO clients.

1. FOXSI – data from the three FOXSI rocket flights.

2. PSP/WISPR Encounter 3 data. Note that data from previous encounters are also available.

3. SDO/EVE Level 2b.

4. INAF – Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania (OACT). Data from the Barra Equatoriale Continuum and H-alpha Instruments and the Cooke Refractor

5. GOES 17 SUVI Level 1b

6. KSO white light, Ca II and H-alpha, with some data sets going back to 1973.

We would like to thank our institutional partners for working with the VSO team to make these data available.