LSST:UK All-Hands Meeting (Cardiff, 13-15 May 2019) Registration deadline: Monday, 6 May at 16:00

April 29, 2019, from Sian Giles-Titcombe

The LSST:UK Consortium is holding an all-hands meeting in Cardiff from 13-15 May and wishes to invite all those interested in UK involvement in LSST to attend. This meeting is open to all, not just those who have been involved in LSST:UK to date.

This meeting takes place at an important point for LSST and for LSST:UK. Telescope construction is nearing a successful conclusion in Chile and the Project is now starting to focus on plans for Commissioning and models for survey operations, while, in the UK, the STFC-funded LSST:UK Science Centre (LUSC) project is reaching the end of its Phase A (“Development”) and starting Phase B (“Commissioning”).

Invited speakers will review progress from LUSC Phase A and plans for Phase B, and there will be a number of contributed talks given by members of the wider LSST:UK community who participate in the international LSST Science Collaborations.

With the start of LSST Commissioning now less than 18 months away, this is a very good time for all those interested in LSST to gather and discuss preparation for the start of LSST survey operations in 2022.

Further details of the meeting can be found at, including links to the registration page and provisional programme.

Bob Mann and Stephen Smartt
(LSST:UK Project Leader and Project Scientist)