Postdoctoral Position at Imperial College London in Magnetospheric Physics

December 13, 2019, from Jonathan Eastwood

Post-doctoral Research Assistant/Associate in Magnetospheric Physics at Imperial College London, Closing date 7-January-2020.

Applications are invited for a Post-doctoral Research Assistant/Associate position in magnetospheric physics within the Space and Atmospheric Physics Group of the Department of Physics at Imperial College London. The overarching aim of this work is to better understand the behaviour of the solar wind – magnetosphere interaction during space weather events. More specifically, the work will focus on the magnetospheric and ionospheric conditions associated with strong geomagnetically induced currents on the surface of the Earth, with the goal of understanding the physical mechanisms responsible for their production.

The work will make use of Imperial’s global magnetospheric simulations; the post-holder will be guided to perform numerical experiments ascertaining the effect of the solar wind and internal field changes on the intensity and occurrence of geomagnetically induced currents. The post-holder will further compare the output of the simulations with spacecraft and ground-based observations, to verify the output.

The work will be performed in the context of a UKRI/NERC-funded consortium led by the British Geological Survey (SWIGS whose goal is to radically improve our understanding of how space weather affects ground-based technology through the production of geomagnetically induced currents.

For questions or queries please contact the project PI