Call for Abstracts – COSPAR-2024-D1.3: Magneto-plasma structures, streams and flows in the heliosphere

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you, on behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee for event number: COSPAR-2024-D1.3 entitled MAGNETO-PLASMA STRUCTURES, STREAMS AND FLOWS IN THE HELIOSPHERE , to submit your abstracts to our session at the 45th COSPAR Scientific Assembly.
The Assembly will be held in Busan, South Korea on 13-21 July 2024 ( Please find details below and at

We actively provide opportunities for the young generation of scientists to address the audience. If you are a young scientist and you are ready to give an oral talk, please send me a message after the submission of your abstract.
We also have a policy that the “oral” status of the presentation will be guaranteed if one submits two abstracts to our session – one with the oral and one with the poster presentation preference (one of the abstracts may be submitted by students or colleagues of the person requesting an oral talk).

The deadline for submitting your abstracts is 9 February 2024. One person is allowed to submit two solicited and two regular abstracts in total on which the submitter is the presenter.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or the main Scientific Organizer of the session Olga Khabarova (

Sincerely yours,
Luca Franci