COSPAR 2024: Plasma and Magnetic Field Coupling in Solar Prominences (E2.3)

Dear friends and colleagues.

We would like to bring to your attention the upcoming COSPAR 2024 meeting in general and our session on Plasma and Magnetic Field Coupling in Solar Prominences (E2.3) in particular.

COSPAR 2024 will be held on July 13-21, 2024 in South Korea in the seaside metropolis of Busan. Each COSPAR assembly offers a wide range of sessions covering all fields of Space Research. However, the upcoming COSPAR 2024 will offer especially broad coverage of Solar Physics topics – we have counted no less than 14 sessions!

Among them, let us bring into your consideration our session specifically devoted to the study of Solar Prominences. Session E2.3: Plasma and Magnetic Field Coupling in Solar Prominences will span two full days and offer 40 invited and contributed talks focusing on the following topics:

– High-resolution imaging, spectroscopic and spectro-polarimetric observations.
– Diagnostics of prominence plasma and magnetic field properties and radiative transfer modelling.
– MHD simulations of the magnetic field supporting, surrounding and shaping the prominence plasma.
– Relationship of prominences to coronal rain, spicules and CMEs, and the connections between solar prominences and their stellar counterparts.

We are honoured to announce that we will have Jongchul Chae; Petr Heinzel; Kiyoshi Ichimoto; Miho Janvier; Rony Keppens; Therese A. Kucera; Manuel Luna; and Tibor Torok among the solicited speakers. We will be no less pleased to have you attending our session and presenting your results to the community.

To help you plan your attendance at COSPAR 2024, we summarize here the necessary information.

Dates: July 13 – July 21, 2024
Place: Busan, South Korea

Abstract submission: open now – deadline on February 9, 2024
Registration (early bird): open now – deadline on May 3, 2024

COSPAR 2024 may offer a limited amount of financial support to facilitate the participation of attendees. Information on financial support can be found here and the deadline is on February 9, 2024.

All information about COSPAR 2024 can be found at and .

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