COSPAR PSW.10 “Radio Observations for Space Weather” Session…

Dear Colleagues.

This year, COSPAR will be held in Busan, South Korea, 13-21 July 2024. The extended abstract-submission deadline is 16th February 2024 and the full details of the meeting can be found here: – which also includes all the key deadlines.

Please consider submitting an abstract to the PSW.10: “Radio Observations for Space Weather” session: – you will need to log in to Zarm to submit an abstract. This session will aim to bring together all the key aspects of the uses of radio techniques, both on the ground and in space, for space weather and space climate advancement. Areas to be covered would include observations, modelling, the use of radio data in models, multi-faceted/multi-technique approaches where radio data form a substantial element of the investigations, and new instrumentation/architectures/infrastructure(s). It is envisaged that key members of the COSPAR ISWAT teams working with radio observations/data/modelling will participate in the session as well as some overviews of the key elements of the updated COSPAR space-weather roadmap where radio plays a key role now and in the past, and where it is envisaged to do so in the future. It is envisaged that there will be a panel/Q&A session also.

Looking forward to seeing you in Busan!

Best wishes,