HelioSwarm meeting, Friday 4 November, London

The UK HelioSwarm community meeting will be held at the Royal Astronomical Society at Burlington House on Friday the 4th of November.

The mission PI, deputy PI and Nicola Fox, NASA’s Heliophysics Division Director, will all be present.

The agenda is as follows:

Session I – Introduction to the HelioSwarm Mission
10:00 Welcome and Logistics (Tim Horbury, Imperial College London, UK)
10:05 NASA HQ Remarks (Nicola Fox, NASA HQ, Washington, DC USA)
10:15 Introduction to HelioSwarm (Harlan Spence, University of New Hampshire, USA)
10:45 HelioSwarm Science Overview (Kristopher Klein, University of Arizona, USA)

Session II – HelioSwarm Instrumentation Overview
11:15 Fluxgate Magnetometer (Tim Horbury, Imperial College London, UK)
11:35 Search Coil Magnetometer (Olivier Le Contel, LPP, France)
11:55 Ion Electrostatic Analyzer (Vincent Genot, IRAP, France) – REMOTE
12:15 Faraday Cup (Tony Case, SAO, USA) – REMOTE

Lunch Break (12:35 – 14:00)

Session III – Contributed Science Presentations
14:00 HelioSwarm and the magnetosphere (Colin Forsyth, MSSL/UCL)
14:25 Observations of Plasma Turbulence from Magnetospheric Multiscale:
Insights for Helioswarm (Julia Stawarz, Imperial College London)
15:50 Using Multi-Spacecraft Measurements to Understand MHD and
Kinetic-Scale Turbulence (Chris Chen, Queen Mary)
15:15 Magnetic Topology of Actively Evolving and Passively Convecting Structures
in the Turbulent Solar Wind (Bogdan Hnat, University of Warwick)
15:40 HelioSwarm and magnetic reconnection: what can we learn?
(Jonathan Eastwood, Imperial College London)
16:05 Foreshock and Magnetosheath Transients: Open Questions for a
Multi-Point Mission (Heli Hietala, Queen Mary)
16:15 Discussion and closing remarks
16:30 End

The meeting will be held in the main lecture theatre at the RAS whose address is:

Royal Astronomical Society
Burlington House
London W1J 0BQ

For those who have not been to the RAS before, the entrance is to the left hand side of the square as you come from Piccadilly.

Sadly we have no budget at this point so we will not be providing catering, but there are many coffee shops close by along Piccadilly.

I hope as many people as possible will come in person so we can have an active discussion about the mission and how it can help the UK science community.

For those who cannot attend in person, we will be streaming the meeting via Zoom on the following link: https://imperial-ac-uk.zoom.us/j/95780911595?pwd=cW5PM1B5RlRsOGJpeitkbHljMkxwZz09

Tim Horbury