IRIS-7 Workshop: April 11 – 15, 2016 in Weihai, China

from Hui Tian

First Announcement

Dates: April 11 – 15, 2016

Venue: Shandong University at Weihai, Weihai, Shandong, China

Hosts: Shandong University and Peking University

Scientific Rationale:

The rationale is to reach out to the solar physics community in Asia, where there has been ever growing interest and use of data from the Interface Region Imaging Spectrometer (IRIS) mission. The workshop is designed for researchers and students in this region. The program will be similar to that of the IRIS-5 workshop in India and will consist of mainly tutorials on UV spectroscopy, IRIS data analysis, radiative transfer, and IRIS-related quiet Sun and flare simulations. There will be lectures as well as hands-on sessions. A secondary goal of the workshop is to facilitate future IRIS-coordination and synergy with ground-based instruments (such as NST, NVST and ONSET) built/operated by solar physicists in this region.

Hui Tian (Peking University, China; Chair)
Bart De Pontieu (LMSAL, USA)
Jongchul Chae (Seoul National University, Korea)
Haisheng Ji (Purple Mountain Observatory, China)
Wei Liu (LMSAL, USA)
Lidong Xia (Shandong University, China)

Hongqiang Song (Shandong University; Chair)
Meng Du, Hui Yu, Qiping Hu, Hui Fu, Zhao Wu (Shandong University)
Limei Yan, Jiansen He, Hui Tian (Peking University)

Confirmed Tutors/Speakers (more to be added):
Tiago Pereira (University of Oslo, Norway): Tutorial on IRIS data analysis
Mats Carlsson (University of Oslo, Norway): Tutorial on Radiative transfer
Bart De Pontieu (LMSAL, USA): Tutorial on coordination between IRIS and other instruments
Hui Tian (Peking University, China): Tutorial on UV Spectroscopy

Haisheng Ji (Purple Mountain Observatory, China): NST coordination with IRIS
Jongchul Chae (Seoul National University, Korea): NST/FISS coordination with IRIS
Zhi Xu (Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, China): NVST coordination with IRIS
Yu Dai (Nanjing University, China): ONSET coordination with IRIS

Tentative schedule:
Days 1 – 3: Tutorials on UV spectroscopy, IRIS data analysis, radiative transfer, Bifrost simulation, and flare simulation with RADYN
Day 4: IRIS-related science talks; Posters will be on for the whole week.
Day 5: Tutorials on coordination between IRIS and NST, NVST, ONSET and possibly Hinode, including description of these instruments and tutorial on writing observing proposals.


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