RAS Discussion Meeting: Energetic particle acceleration and heliosphere-interstellar medium interactions: preparing for IMAP, 12 January 2024

We invite you to participate in the RAS Discussion Meeting on “Energetic particle acceleration and heliosphere-interstellar medium interactions: preparing for IMAP,” taking place on Friday 12th January 2024, 10.30-15.30 at Burlington House.

IMAP is an upcoming NASA mission, to be launched in 2025, with the objectives of exploring the interaction between the solar wind and the local interstellar medium using energetic neutral atoms (ENAs) and understanding energetic particle acceleration near the Sun, in the heliosphere and heliosheath. It will carry an in-situ payload to its L1 halo orbit, providing more comprehensive and higher cadence real time space weather monitoring data than ever before and enabling multi-point solar wind studies in combination with other spacecraft in the L1 constellation.

We invite theoretical, simulation and data driven presentations on all aspects of IMAP science:
• Properties of the local interstellar medium
• Large scale structure of the heliosphere and its interaction with the interstellar medium
• Energetic particle acceleration and propagation
• Multi-spacecraft measurements of meso-scale solar wind structure
• Real time space weather monitoring from L1

Invited speakers:
David McComas (Princeton, IMAP Principal Investigator): Introduction to IMAP
Heli Hietala (Queen Mary, University of London): Energetic particle acceleration at shocks.

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Abstract submission: Deadline: Wednesday 6th December 2023.
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