Save the Date for SDO 2025 Science Workshop: A Gathering of the Helio-hive!

The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) invites you to the SDO 2025 Science Workshop: A Gathering of the Helio-hive, to be held February 24-28, 2025, at the Center Green in Boulder, CO. All members of the science community are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The fifteen years since the launch of SDO has seen papers describing wide ranges of science results from this mission. Join us during the maximum of Solar Cycle 25 to discuss what we have learned about the Sun and compare the new cycle and those in the past. To accommodate the interest in multiple research topics, SDO 2025 will include parallel sessions on developments in helioseismology and coronal modeling.

Any research result using SDO data can be submitted as a contribution to the workshop. Invited speakers will introduce 7 themed sessions spanning SDO‘s wide range of research topics:

  • Solar Internal Dynamics and Structure
  • From Creation to Emergence: Magnetic Fields of the Sun
  • Coronal Dynamics: Unveiling the Origins of the Solar Wind
  • Energetic Outbursts: Deciphering Solar Flares, CMEs, and SEPs
  • Impacts of Solar Variability on Earth, Other Planets, and Space Weather
  • Next Horizon: the Future Solar and Heliophysics Missions
  • Stellar insights from the SDO Observations

There will also be one day of parallel mini-workshops and an EUV calibration workshop.

Registration, abstract submission, and other information about SDO 2025 will be available at

Please send a message to to receive further information about this workshop.

SDO 2025 Science Organizing Committee