ST23: Cme Initiation and Propagation Through the Heliosphere”

“ST23: Cme Initiation and Propagation Through the Heliosphere” at the AOGS 2023 Annual Meeting in Singapore between July 30 and August 04 2023.

Last date for abstract submission is February 14, 2023 (

Please see below for more information on the session:

Title: Cme Initiation and Propagation Through the Heliosphere

Conveners: Dr Nishtha Sachdeva (University of Michigan), Prof Prasad Subramanian (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune), Prof Yuming Wang (University of Science and Technology of China)

Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are massive eruptions of solar plasma and magnetic fields from the solar corona that propagate into the heliosphere. Many theoretical, empirical and numerical models have successfully reproduced the initiation, propagation, and impact phases of CMEs. There are various methods that are currently used in both first-principles and semi-empirical modeling frameworks to represent the CME initiation processes. These can range from insertion of an out-of-equilibrium flux rope to modeling flux emergence, flux cancellation, and/or different coronal reconnection scenarios. In this session, we propose to discuss the different mechanisms and their implementations to describe the CME initiation and propagation and how it impacts the resulting eruption, magnetic structure and evolution through the solar wind of the CME. We also solicit discussion on how to best use observations to constrain models and improve our understanding of CMEs across all regions in the heliosphere. This session invites contributions discussing the following science questions: 1) How do different CME initiation scenarios and their model implementation(s) impact the CME propagation, interaction with interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) and solar wind structures, and properties such as time of arrival, internal magnetic configuration, geoeffectiveness, etc? 2) How are remote-sensing observations (e.g., SOHO, STEREO and SDO) best used to constrain models of CME initiation and propagation through the heliosphere? We open the discussion to include not just near-Earth space weather impacting CMEs but also CMEs that have been observed to impact other planets (Mars, Mercury, etc.) or satellites (STEREO A/B, PSP, SolO).