2025 opportunity to apply for funding to host an STFC Summer school is now open

Please note, the 2025 opportunity to apply for funding to host an STFC Summer school is now open and live on the UKRI funding funder. Please see the link below:


STFC’s Education, Training and Careers Committee (ETCC) conducted a review of the summer schools in 2019 and recommended supporting the following fundamental schools from the core budget:

  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Introductory Course in Astronomy for New Research Students
  • British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (BUSSTEPP)
  • STFC Introductory Course in Solar and Solar-terrestrial Physics
  • UK Nuclear Physics Summer School
  • STFC High Energy Physics (HEP) Summer School.

Recent feedback from students and members of the STFC community has supported a request for schools (in addition to the above) in the areas of planetary science and advanced astronomy. STFC would like to reiterate that bids for courses in these areas are most welcome, in addition to other innovative courses within the STFC remit.

Your short course, summer school or online training resource must:

1. be aimed primarily at STFC-funded PhD students
2. cover core research activity supported by the STFC studentships programme

The STFC studentships programme covers:

  • astronomy
  • solar and planetary science
  • particle astrophysics
  • cosmology
  • particle physics
  • accelerator science
  • nuclear physics

Should you have any questions about the opportunity or assessment process, please contact us at studentships@stfc.ukri.org

Kind regards,

The STFC Education, Training and Careers Team