ASTRONET – Science Vision and Roadmap

Astronet is working on the next Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap ( to include all aspects of European astronomy, with a view to providing an essential resource for national and multi-national planning in astronomy and related sciences. The first European Science Vision and Infrastructure Roadmap for Astronomy was created by Astronet, supported by EU funds, in 2007/08, and updated in 2013/14.

Astronet is also consulting with a number of discipline-specific networks within Europe and with those in areas overlapping with Astronomy (such as Astroparticle Physics, Geophysics etc).

Update and Consultation
Over the last few months the Panels and the team of Editors have been working hard to improve the drafts and to take account of comments from the community and other international strategic reports, such as ESA’s Voyage 2050. A prioritisation exercise took place, from which a set of key recommendations in seven different areas emerged.
We have presented the current status of the report to the EAS meeting in Valencia in June 2022 – thank you to all who attended and provided valuable inputs and to EAS for the opportunity.

The Editors now seek community input on the Executive Summary, which summarises the Roadmap and presents an overview of its recommendations. Comments on any of the science or cross-cutting chapters are also welcomed.

We invite you to provide us with your comments and suggestions. These can be mailed to Malcolm Booy at, who will collate them and pass them on to the Editors. We prefer Text or Word compatible text for ease of handling. Submissions can be from individuals, or on behalf of groups of researchers.

The consultation is open until 30 August 2022.

Our plan is to have the document complete and approved for publication before the end of 2022 and to have a formal launch event in early spring 2023. Thanks again for your interest and support