In Memoriam: Dr David (Dave) Pascoe

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great sadness that we are letting our community know about the death of Dr David (Dave) Pascoe.

Dave got his PhD at Warwick (UK) in 2008. He was then a postdoc at St Andrews (UK) from 2008-2013, at Warwick in 2013-2018 and at KU Leuven (Belgium) between 2018-2021. Most recently, he was again a Research Fellow in the St Andrews Solar and Magnetospheric Theory Group, from 2021 until this January where he was working on numerical models of MHD wave heating.

Dave was well known for his modelling work of solar coronal oscillations. He has contributed significantly to the modelling of the damping of propagating and standing kink waves. He was the driving force in developing the models for Gaussian damping through resonant absorption, and its potential applications for seismology. Moreover, he was an avid fan of quasi-periodic fast propagating waves and Bayesian techniques for seismology, producing a number of influential research papers well accepted by our research community.

As well as his solar contributions, many colleagues will also remember Dave through his enthusiasm for football, including the NAM 5-aside football competition.