The deadline for two AGU award nominations is the 27th of March

We strongly encourage our colleagues to nominate a deserving colleague for the following awards:

Fred L. Scarf Award

This prize is annually awarded to one honoree in recognition of an outstanding thesis result that contributes directly to solar-planetary science. Honours include a $1,000 monetary prize. (

Nominees must be an active AGU member and completed requirements for a Ph.D. degree (or other terminal degree) during the 17-months prior to the award presentation year.

Only the nominee’s research advisors are eligible nominators.

AGU Union Fellow

AGU members who have made exceptional contributions to Earth and space science through a breakthrough, discovery, or innovation in their field. Fellows act as external experts, capable of advising government agencies and other organizations outside the sciences upon request. (

Nominees must be an experienced scientist and an established leader in the field (minimum eligibility criteria is more than 10 years post PhD) and an AGU member for the past three consecutive years.

Nominators/co-nominators must be active AGU members.