UKSP Specialist Discussion Day 30th July

Purpose: With the absence of NAM and other conferences this year, it is especially difficult for early career researchers and PhD students to communicate their work to the community. Therefore, this online one-day meeting will cover all aspects of solar physics but with particular emphasis on promoting the work of early career researchers and PhD students working in the UK.

Meeting sessions:

  1.  Open session on solar physics

***Confirmed invited speakers ***

David Kuridze (Aberystwyth University)

Lauren Doyle (Armagh Observatory)

In this session we welcome all contributions describing advances relating to physical processes occurring from the interior to the outer atmosphere, based on space- or ground-based observations, simulations or theory.

2.   Sun-Heliosphere session

***Confirmed invited speakers***

Stephanie Yardley (University of St Andrews)

David Stansby (UCL MSSL)

This session will discuss the connections between the Sun and the heliosphere: in-situ and remote-sensing observations, and related theory and modelling work, including contributions that discuss results from Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter.

3.   Online poster session covering all solar/heliosphere topics.

Contributed talks from early career researchers and PhD students from across the UK given priority. While preference will be given to early career researchers/PhD students for oral presentations, no such restriction is applied to our online poster session.

Important dates: Abstract deadline 7th July.

Abstracts should be emailed to using the following form:

Career Stage:
Preferred Session (1, 2 or 3):

Meeting SOC:
Mykola Gordovskyy (Manchester)
David Long (UCL)
Karen Meyer (Dundee)
Huw Morgan (Aberystwyth)
UKSP council

Programme: coming soon!

Connecting to the meeting and presentation/poster details: coming soon!