UK Solar Orbiter Workshop 2020: Final Announcement and Invited Speakers

November 28, 2019, from Duncan H Mackay

UK Solar Orbiter Workshop 2020: Final Announcement and Invited Speakers

This is the final call for abstracts for the UK Solar Orbiter Workshop which will take place on the 13-14th January 2020 at the University of St Andrews. To submit an abstract or to register please go to the meeting webpage at:

Key deadlines are:

• Abstract submission closes: 10th December 2019
• Scientific Program announced: 15th December 2019
• Registration closes: 6th January 2020.

Due to the imminent launch of Solar Orbiter in February 2020 we have a range of invited speakers on both mission and science related topics, including

Frédéric Auchère: Overview of the Solar Orbiter remote sensing payload:
development and operations

Prantika Bhowmik: Formation and Evolution of Magnetic Flux Ropes During Solar Minimum

Chris Chen: Turbulence in the Inner Heliosphere and its role in Driving the Solar Wind

Silvia Dalla : Solar Energetic Particles: outstanding questions and Solar Orbiter

Alessandra Giunta : Science with SPICE: synergy between small and wide FOV remote sensing instruments on Solar Orbiter

Rachel Howe: Helioseismology of subsurface flows and their relation to the solar dynamo

Allan Macneill: Observational Studies of Solar Wind Origins and the Sun-Heliosphere Connection Ahead of Solar Orbiter

Huw Morgan: Connecting the Sun to the Solar Wind: open questions, recent advances, and the role of Solar Orbiter

Richard Morton : The role of Alfvenic waves in driving the solar wind

Hamish Reid TBC

David Stansby : Directly comparing coronal and solar wind composition

David Williams : Solar Orbiter operations

Duncan Mackay (LOC) and Gherardo Valori (SOC)