Solar Spectropolarimetry and Diagnostic Techniques, Fall School – Estes Park (Colorado), September 24–October 5, 2018 (Last Announcement)

May 15, 2018, from Richard Morton

This is the last announcement for the Fall School on Solar Spectropolarimetry and Diagnostic Techniques, sponsored by the High Altitude Observatory (NCAR), the Advanced Study Program of NCAR and the National Solar Observatory. The school will take place in Estes Park (Colorado), from September 24 through October 5, 2018.

This two-week school will present a comprehensive overview of the field of solar spectropolarimetry and the tools and methods used for decoding the polarization of the solar spectrum. For details on the intended audience, the lecture contents, the class schedule and the inversion codes that will be used during the school, please visit

We will select 25 applicants through a competitive process to participate in the school. The duration of the school is two full weeks, and participants will receive partial-to-full support (depending on funding availability) for travel, accommodation and per diem. Instructions for the registration process can be found under “Application Materials” at The deadline for application is May 31, 2018.

We welcome applications from solar physicists from all walks of life (early- and not-so-early- career scientists and academics), however, graduate students and early career scientists in the field will be given priority.