2nd RadioSun Workshop and Summer School, May 2014, Lublin, Poland

2nd Workshop and Summer School on Radiophysics of the Sun,
26-30 May 2014, Lublin, Poland

The aim of this activity organised in frames of the “Radiophysics of the Sun” (RadioSun,
http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/physics/research/cfsa/people/valery/radiosun/ ) network supported by the FP7 Marie Curie IRSES scheme) is to bring together both experts and students who have an interest in Radiophysics of the Sun and related topics. The 2nd workshop and summer school addresses specifically the following topics:
• MHD oscillations in solar flares.
• Mechanisms for radio emission generation in solar flares.
• Multi-wavelength studies of solar activity.
• New solar radio instrumentation: LOFAR, CSRH, ALMA and the upgraded SSRT.
• Radiophysics of the quiet Sun.
In association with the Workshop, we shall run a Summer School for young researchers and PhD students, on observational study and theoretical modelling of wave processes in the solar corona.

The Workshop and Summer school welcome solar physicists, plasma astrophysicists and students specialising in the relevant disciplines to participate.

18th April registration and abstract submission.

You can find more information about the Workshop and the Summer School on the website:

Hamish Reid (SOC Chair), K. Murawski (LOC Chair), V. Nakariakov (PI of RadioSun)