Call for abstracts: AGU session on “Radio observations” [SH09]

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that we are accepting abstract submissions for our AGU24 session: SH009 – Diagnosing heliospheric and terrestrial plasma with radio observations.

Radio techniques are crucial for diagnosing plasma in the solar atmosphere, inner heliosphere, and ionosphere. They include remote-sensing radio spectroscopic imaging for energetic electrons and plasma within the solar corona, enhancing our understanding of physical processes in the quiescent and active solar atmosphere, radio scintillations, and Faraday rotation observations, providing valuable insights into the magnetic field and plasma conditions in the solar wind and inner heliosphere, Radar, radio sounding, and GPS techniques to probe the structure and dynamics of the Earth’s upper atmosphere. These have collectively played an increasingly vital role in improving our prediction capabilities to space weather impacts on terrestrial systems, while a full utilization of these techniques remains on the horizon. This session seeks to unite researchers who utilize these radio techniques to share findings, discuss methodological advancements, and explore the integration of data and methods for comprehensive space weather research, monitoring, and forecasting.

As we believe in fostering collaboration and promoting diverse perspectives, we welcome submissions from researchers at all career stages, including early-career scientists and students.

The abstract submission deadline is Wednesday, July 31, 2024 at 11:59 PM EDT/3:59 AM +1 GMT.

Please forward this to your colleagues who may be interested in our session.

Anshu, on behalf of, Peijin Zhang, Jason Earl Kooi, Surajit Mondal, Lindsay Goodwin and Anshu Kumari