COSPAR-22 E2.5: Abundance Variations and Fundamental Questions in Solar and Stellar Physics

You are cordially invited to submit an abstract for our session COSPAR-22 E2.5: ABUNDANCE VARIATIONS AND FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS IN SOLAR AND STELLAR PHYSICS.

This session is part of the COSPAR 2022 44th Scientific Assembly to be held in Athens, Greece from 16-24 July 2022. The abstract deadline is 11 February 2022.

Session Description:
Element abundance patterns have long been used as diagnostics of physical processes in many areas of astrophysics. Work in recent decades has revealed that the solar coronal composition varies with location, time and magnetic activity compared to the photosphere. Stellar coronae and winds also show a range of composition differences from their photospheres. We propose a session devoted to discussion in a synergistic manner of the implications of variable element abundances throughout the Sun and stars and their winds.

We encourage contributions from the solar and stellar astrophysical communities on a variety of topics including: Observations and models of the FIP and Inverse FIP effects and the impact of wave physics on our understanding of coronal abundances; the effects of flaring on short term modulation and of spots on long term, cyclic modulation of abundances in solar and stellar coronae and winds; connection of coronal abundances and stellar dynamos.

Confirmed invited speakers:
David B. Jess (Queen’s University Belfast, UK and California State University Northridge, USA)
Heidi Korhonen (European Southern Observatory, Chile)
Martin Laming (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
Balint Seli (Konkoly Observatory, Hungary)
Brian Wood (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)

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Deb Baker
On behalf of the E2.5 SOC