IAU Symposium 400: Solar and Stellar Multi-Scale Activity

IAU Symposium 400: Solar and Stellar Multi-Scale Activity

July 22-26, 2025
Medellín, Colombia

The symposium will address critical knowledge gaps in solar and stellar physics, leveraging recent advancements and fostering collaboration between traditionally independent solar and stellar communities. The Scientific Organizing Committee comprises experts from renowned institutions worldwide, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive exploration of multi-scale solar and stellar activity. The symposium will strategically align with pivotal advancements in solar missions and ground-based instrumentation, offering a timely platform for knowledge exchange. The programme will cover diverse themes, including observatories, energy release processes, magnetic variability, machine learning, and helio/astero-seismology, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of solar and stellar phenomena.

The symposium will take place at the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, in Medellín, known as the city of “Eternal Spring”, thanks to its pleasant climate and picturesque landscapes. Medellín has become a major hub for academic studies and tourism, and has been awarded prestigious prizes for urban development and innovation in the last 20 years.

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Eliana Amazo Gómez (AIP)
Patrick Antolin (Northumbria University)
Anne-Marie Broomhall (University of Warwick)
Juan Camilo Buitrago (UC Berkeley)
Cecilia Garraffo (Harvard-Smithsonian/CfA)
Moira Jardine (University of St Andrews)
Lucia Kleint (University of Bern)
Juan Carlos Martínez (UC Berkeley)
Sophie Musset (John Hopkins)
Kosuke Namekata (NAOJ)
Alexander I. Shapiro (MPS)
Santiago Vargas (Universidad Nacional)
Tom Van Doorsselaere (KU Leuven)

Benjamín Calvo Mozo (Chair, Universidad Nacional)
Adriana Araujo (Gimnasio Campestre)
Maria Gracia Batista (U Los Andes)
Germán Chaparro (U Antioquia)
Angela Perez (Planetario de Medellín)
Andrés Torres (ITM Institución Universitaria)