INVITE: Space Science and Exploration Roadmaps: Your opportunity to comment

The Space Partnership brings together industry, academia and government from across the UK space sector to work on shared priorities and identify collective action to deliver the ambition in the National Space Strategy (NSS). Capabilities is one such shared priority and the Space Partnership has been working closely with the Department of Science, Innovation & Technology’s Capabilities team to develop a set of ‘Capability Roadmaps’, which identify the collective action required to deliver the Capability Goals identified in the NSS in Action.

As part of this process, over the last 3 months, representatives from across the space science and exploration communities have developed a set of top-level, narrative Space Science & Exploration roadmaps. The draft Space Science and Exploration Roadmaps are now available for wider consultation here.

Between the 4 July and 15 September we would like to encourage the wider space science and exploration community to review the roadmaps and provide feedback. We hope that you can recognise where your community is reflected in the roadmaps.

We would welcome your comments, especially if:

  •   Anything on the roadmaps is incorrect
  •   You have specific wording changes that would help clarify the roadmaps [Note the format is fixed and limited to 2 slides]
  •   You would like to highlight the most important 3 elements across the roadmaps (including an explanation as to why)

Please either complete the Consultation Form or email to provide feedback.

For more information on the road mapping process  and to see here for  existing roadmaps, or join one of the next webinars (each 1 hour), which will explain the process to date, share the draft roadmaps and discuss how you can provide feedback.

15-Aug 15:00 -16:00
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05-Sep 15:00 -16:00
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Kind regards,
Space Partnership Team