List of solar physics related NAM2024 sessions

Dear Colleagues,

The NAM2024 abstract submission is open until June 3rd.

You can submit your abstract here:

The list of solar physics related NAM2024 sessions:

  • UK Solar Physics Open Session – link
  • Merged sections: “Solar Flares and CMEs: Observations, Theory and Machine Learning” and “Machine Learning Across the Solar System: The Sun, Planets and Beyond” – Please submit your abstract to that section until further noticelink
  • Solar wind formation, evolution and properties in the age of Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe – link
  • Observations and modelling of small-scale transient phenomena in the solar atmosphere – link
  • Magnetohydrodynamic Waves in the Solar Corona in the Era of Data-Intensive Observations – link
  • Dynamos, Dynamics and Activity Cycles in the Sun and Stars – link
  • Modern methods and numerical approaches for analysing the Sun’s dynamic atmosphere – link
  • Energetic particles from the Sun to stars – link

The important deadlines:

  • 16th April: Early Bird Registration opens
  • 25th AprilAbstract submission opens
  • 30th April: General Registration opens
  • 3rd June: Abstract submission closes
  • 17th June: Abstract acceptance notices and final timetable published
  • 27th June: Registration deadline (i.e. for non-presenting attendees).

If you have any questions about a specific session, please contact the section organisers.

If you have any general questions, please contact directly.

UKSP Council