Second Announcement on Space Climate 8: Climate in Space and on Earth 

September 19-22, 2022 in Krakow, Poland

NOTE: Deadline for oral abstracts extended until May 31, 2022

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

Space Climate 8: Climate in Space and on Earth will be held in Krakow, Poland, on September 19-22, 2022. This will be an on-site only meeting.

Details on venue, registration, scientific program, accommodation etc., can be found at the meeting web site:

For questions related to the meeting, please contact:

Important deadlines:

Abstract deadline for oral contributions (Extended): 31.05.2022

Abstract deadline for poster contributions: 30.06.2022

Early bird registration deadline: 31.05.2022

The objective of Space Climate is to better understand the long-term variation of solar activity, and its impacts in the heliosphere, including the Earth’s space environment, atmosphere and climate.

Sessions and Conveners:

Solar and stellar dynamo as a driver of space climate, Kristof Petrovay

Long-term solar activity, Andres Munoz-Jaramillo

Special solar-terrestrial events and extremes, Hugh Hudson

Solar photosphere and chromosphere, Robertus von Fay-Siebenburgen

Solar corona, Pete Riley

Solar wind and heliospheric magnetic field, Nat Gopalswamy

Solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere interaction, Hanna Rothkaehl

Total and spectral irradiance, Natalie Krivova

Solar influence on atmosphere and climate: Particle effects, Miriam Sinnhuber

Solar TSI/SSI effects to ground and stratosphere, Bernd Funke

Solar effects to upper  atmosphere, Martin Mlynczak

Solar effects to troposphere, Radan Huth

Invited speakers include Nicolas Brehm, Theodosios Chatzistergos, Sandip Dhomse, Mausumi Dikpati, Annika Drews, Lynn Harvey, Hiyashi Hayakawa, Marianna Korsós, Jiajia Liu, Fusa Miyake, Michał Ostrowski, Kristell Perot, Liying Qian, Erik Richard, Sami Solanki, Shin Toriumi, Jose Vaquero.

We have a great pleasure to invite you to Space Climate 8 in Krakow!

Agnieszka Gil, Kalevi Mursula, Ilya Usoskin and Paul Charbonneau

On behalf of SOC and LOC