Registration is now open – STFC Introductory Summer School in Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics Sheffield, UK, 1 – 6 September 2024

Deadline for Registration: 5pm GMT, 19 July 2024. 

The 2024 STFC Introductory Summer School in Solar and Solar-Terrestrial Physics (I4STP) is organised by SP2RC (Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre) and will be hosted by the University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK). 

The content of the I4STP programme, designed by the UK Solar Physics and MIST Councils, consist of a set of introductory lectures providing a broad overview of the solar system and solar plasmas. The Summer School is an ideal introductory training opportunity, targeted at PhD students, who are new to the field, aiming to upgrade, consolidate and broaden their knowledge. More advanced PhD students or early-career postdocs may also be welcome (subject to availability). 

The I4STP shall be free of charge to STFC-sponsored and self-supporting new UK PhD students on a first-come first-served basis. Consideration will be given by the STFC, in conjunction with the Course Directors, to offering any remaining places to students in receipt of other sponsorship. For fee-paying students, the amount of the fee charged shall be £400.00.

Registration is now open, see the website for further information.

Contact: Robertus Erdelyi (
Noemi Zsamberger, Marianna Korsos, Robertus Erdelyi (I4STP Directors)